Scalable IoT for Intelligent
management of every “Thing”

IoT in Utility Sector

Maximize the efficiency of your Oil & Natural gas processing and distribution with Scalable IoTs

In the Oil & Natural Gas Industry, the advantages of the Alfinity Platform lie in creating value through an integrated deployment strategy. In addition, our IoT solution will allow the industry to digitize, optimize, and automate previously unconnected processes to save time and money and increase safety.

11 %

Increase in the Company’s bottom
line with IoT

43 .48

Billion USD market value
projection by 2025

21 .86 %

Rise of CAGR from 2019 to 2024



Alfinity platform is designed to implement a centralized LNG liquefaction management system through reliable and continuous flow measurement and real-time data from devices such as microcontrollers and gas sensors on the station. It uses an efficient remote monitoring system to monitor the real-time concentrations of gasses & precise temperature, pressure measurement, & variation maintenance.


Alfinity tracks & monitors the oil or gas being distributed in the special tankers or end-to-end connected pipelines with an extra layer of protection through Transport Tanker level & temperature Sensing, Real-time Pipeline Leakage detection, Remote Pipeline Tunnel Monitoring system and manages and controls its procurement procedures through smart manufacturing IoT devices.


Using real-time data from IoT endpoints, supervisors and decision-makers can monitor and control the entire plant. In addition, multiple sources can ingest data through IoT sensors installed at various locations, optimizing oil and gas assets and production, from enterprises to wells and refineries to intelligent stations.

Asset Tracking and Monitoring

Alfinity's IoT technology enables users to digitize their operations, monitor multiple facilities at the same time, and monitor critical equipment with greater accuracy. Through Asset Performance Analytics, events that might cause outages or quality degradation can be accurately predicted.

Maintaining worker safety & Managing emergencies

Smart wearables, remote sensors, drones and other industrial IoT devices to reduce the need for O&G workers to monitor equipment physically and detect leakages of hazardous compounds. Managing conditions such as oil spills through various inter-connected monitoring devices and initiating emergency shutdowns.

Data Analytics

Processing data of millions of connected devices and analyzing it in real-time with operational benefits through edge-computing enhancing refining capacity, Real-time, streaming IoT data is analyzed to increase uptime, performance, and productivity while reducing maintenance costs and revenue loss.


Notifies of any emergency like oil spills
Management of workers through smart wearables
Accurate water consumption data is generated

Scalable IoT for Intelligent
management of every “Thing”

IoT in Utility Sector

Transforming the Energy Sector with Intelligent IoT solutions

Alfinity Platform's capability to enable cutting-edge technology, and more outstanding functionalities can be achieved such as remote maintenance, predictive analysis, and automation in the energy sector. In addition, Altorum Leren's access to better, more-advanced IoT technology allows the global power industry to evolve and make its current technology more advanced, efficient, and modern across all the energy spectrum, including thermal, solar, wind, hydroelectric, tidal, and hydrogen/biofuel.


Energy-saving more than consumption by 2030
line with IoT

298 .26

Billion USD market value
projection by 2025

11 .8 %

Rise of CAGR from 2019 to 2025



Remote Asset Management

Alfinty implements sensors to receive and utilize the data to deal with hardware like intensity plants and other resources like transformers and monitor them. From turbines to transmission lines, connected sensors, embedded assets can measure wear, tear, vibration, temperature, etc., to estimate the overall state of assets. In addition, the Alfinity platform offers real-time alerts, predictive analytics, automatic reporting, and real-time visibility tailored to power generation requirements.

Process Optimization

Analytics powered by Alfinity can improve operational processes, enabling utility companies to improve their performance and output and provide real-time data on the status of a generation station, contributing to the plant's automation. Through real-time analysis of vast amounts of data, power generation can achieve affordability, sustainability, and availability while reducing maintenance costs through predictive maintenance.


Alfinity enables distributed energy generation across a wide spectrum of sectors through IoT-enabled equipment and assets across various facilities connected to the grid or simply serving a particular site without feeding potential excess generation into the grid.


Efficient transmission

Smart IoT-enabled Flexible AC Transmission Systems can improve the efficiency of existing power lines with the efficient long-distance transmission of energy with minimal loss. In addition, by maintaining the correct voltage limits, the power system can modify the amount of power it can absorb or put into.

Power Rerouting and Restoring

Alfinity Enables an automated transmission system to locate another route to supply power to the specific location, as long as the problem is being resolved.

Transmission assets maintenance

Alfinity visualizes your transmission grid's topology, gathers data from grid assets, triggers alerts by monitoring the performance and condition of your equipment, prevents failures, and avoids critical downtime from transmission towers to substations.


Efficient load balancing

Alfinity Platform balances energy supply and demand to alleviate pressure on the grid through the flexible distribution of energy resources and prevent severe power outages. By leveraging the Internet of Things, excess energy generated by solar panels on rooftops or wind turbines can be redistributed and sold to the grid.

Distribution assets management

Alfinity works across distribution assets such as electrical substation equipment, transmission lines, generators, transformers, etc., to detect the sources of failures and faults before they become catastrophic, thus improving the reliability and availability of these assets.

Intelligent decision making

Utilizing an intelligent transmission framework and permitting programmed exchanging between non-inexhaustible and sustainable sources. With IoT-powered smart meters and internet-connected devices that share data on electricity consumption with a utility company, consumers can become more energy-efficient, by driving active smart energy management with real-time usage optimization.


Alerts are sent to the specialists to supplant or fix hardware on the off chance that it malfunctions
In case of any discrepancy permits electricity suppliers to follow the progression of electricity
Automatic shutdown is enabled in case of critical situations

Scalable IoT for Intelligent
management of every “Thing”

IoT in Utility Sector

Case study

Save Water and Costs through Real-Time Analytics enabled IoT solutions

Measures for reducing water usage are the need of the hour. IoT-based solutions are being used throughout the water cycle, from sourcing water resources to efficient sewage treatment. By leveraging the Alfinity platform, operators can monitor pressure and flow, detect leaks instantly, and automate corrective actions.

20 %

Increase in the Company’s bottom
line with IoT

22 .4

Billion USD market value
projection by 2025

10 .1 %

Rise of CAGR from 2019 to 2024


Efficiency & Quality control

Alfinity platform incorporates an intelligent leakage detection system that enables sensors to identify the leakage in the tanks or pipes and monitor any obstructions. Generating precise measurements such as water pressure, temperature, flow, etc., integrates predictive maintenance. In addition, various IoT devices & sensors for real-time monitoring and preventing contamination by chemical waste and natural pollution such as acidification are enabled.

Remote Monitoring

Alfinity's remote asset monitoring involves using IoT sensors to create an enterprise asset management system that can gather information about equipment performance, process efficiency, and water quality. Additionally, Alfinity allows Wastewater treatment plants to streamline reporting for water main breaks, alerting on-site operators when a high-pressure or low-pressure alarm is triggered.

Flow Control

Alfinity uses smart IoT water flow meters to manage the flow between multiple distribution lines and save power by detecting how much water is needed for a specific distribution line. Inaccurate meters result in non-revenue water losses that can be prevented.

Smart Consumption Monitoring

Alfinity platform helps to optimize and keep the usage of water resources at different levels and analyze the data for optimum usage conditions and sends an alert if a significantly

Efficient sewage treatment

In a wastewater management system, the Alfinity platform closely monitors different water parameters like temperature, pressure, chemical composition, TDS, etc., in the water treatment plant. Alfinity tracks water temperature, pressure, chemical composition, and total dissolved solids using a collection of sensors.

Prescriptive infrastructure maintenance

Alfinity platform's AI & machine learning enables a cognitive system to learn, adapt and understand unpredictable information leading to a planned preventive maintenance to a state where required maintenance is predicted by the regular and systematic application of IoT technology systems.


Alerts on Leakages and damages.
Notifies you when an excessive amount of water is going to drain
Alerts are sent if there is any contamination in the water or notifies of any leakage