IoT enabled network for real time movement

Management of multiple parameters of infrastructure and fleet is essential for success in modern Transportation and challenging at the same time.
IoT solutions are the only way to overcome these challenges.

Transportation & IoT reimagined with Alfinity

Alfinity provides modular IoT solutions tailored to your fleet's particular requirements. Our IoT fleet monitoring system is a one-stop solution for all of your fleet-related issues, such as driver behavior, delivery delays, and excessive operational overheads with both single and multi-mode transportation.

90 %

Reduced NOx emissions

495.57 %

Billion USD market value projection by 2029

19 .09 %

Growth of CAGR from 2020 to 2030


Streamline Vehicle Maintenance

Alfinity Platform enables you to schedule maintenance and repairs in advance based on time, engine hours, and odometer readings.

Increase Fleet Utilisation

Our fleet tracking system equips your vehicles with tracking devices keeping the management well informed about planned routes of vehicles at all times for both single and multi-mode transportations.

Facilitate Safe Driving

Alfinity platform enables constant monitoring of driving behavior to ensure drivers and vehicles are both operating as expected using advanced analytics.


Vehicles/assets are notified when they enter/exit or are nearby when placed in virtual fences. Because the solution is scalable and unlimited, you can create as many geofences as you like, customizing them to any size, shape, or timeframe.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

Automatic Vehicle Alerts and Location Data are sent to the concerned management in case an Alfinity enabled vehicle gets stolen.

Rescheduling and Repurposing fleet

With advanced Real-time data, your team can make informed decisions about rescheduling and re-routing with the Alfinity fleet tracking system.


Notifies when there is any discrepancy in the given speed limit
Can help in keeping a track of every vehicle with its location and condition.
Constant checkup of the status of the asset, health, and other variables to a central system.