Smart “Things” for a smarter society

Modern Cities constantly strive to achieve sustainability in a safer, secure, and healthier way for their residents and aim to achieve these goals using digitally connected IoT technology while addressing the challenges of rapid urbanisation, pollution, climate change, and resource constraints.

IoT smart city

IoT devices

Intelligent, IoT-enabled approach to make Innovation come to life

Connected cities are always better cities. The Alfinity platform offers seamless integration at various levels, whatever the requirements of the customer - traffic management, remote monitoring of street lights, utility monitoring, waste management, parking management, etc. Furthermore, our IoT-enabled combinations allow for accurate tracking and reporting.

53 .63 %

Million active smart city IoT connections by 2025

28 %

Reduced energy consumption

19 %

Growth in annual CAGR


Smart Electric Grid

Altorum Leren’s Alfinity platform detects if there’s any high voltage and sends alerts, avoids damage, reduces manpower, and utilizes an intelligent transmission framework. Monitors and maintains the health and performance of various assets such as the city grid, transformers, transmission lines, etc. Distributors can leverage real-time energy usage data to manage distribution and improve customer service through IoT-enabled Smart meters. Centralized dashboards give a 360-degree view of the entire energy transmission.

Monitors water supply

IoT enabled water supply management with 35% less water consumption and can supply each building with clean drinking water with high efficiency. Furthermore, any citizen can raise a discrepancy through the Alfinity helpdesk and an SLA is generated for each ticket, leading to an optimized approach to resolving the issue.

Smart transport management

In conjunction with IoT and 5g, Alfinity offers autonomous transportation systems (both in vehicles and in stationary infrastructure such as intersections) that reduce the "human factor" in accidents leading to more efficient and cost-effective smart transportation.

Intelligent traffic management

IoT-enabled Cities with smart traffic management centers (TMCs) can monitor and respond to trouble spots or city-wide problems relating to congestion on city streets and traffic safety and emergency response systems more efficiently and effectively so that they can better collaborate with other agencies and emergency responders.

Smart waste management & Sewage treatment

IoT solutions can detect chemicals in water and how they are dissolved during treatment. As a result, the water quality can be improved, and the amount of water that needs to be cleaned can be predicted.

Air Quality Monitoring

Alfinity Platform is capable of real-time and location-based air quality monitoring using various IoT devices allowing citizens to make better and more informed living choices.


Accurate data is sent to the citizens
Alerts are sent to mobile automatically.
Water bills, electricity bills, etc., can be paid online automatically with complete transparency