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Applications of IoT in Pharma & Biotech manufacturing, supply chain management, and warehousing to enhance product quality are being implemented at different stages of a pharmaceutical product-making process. Biotech and pharma manufacturers that adopt IoT technology will reap the benefits of production efficiency, product reproducibility, and manufacturing flexibility. Altorum Leren's IoT platform, Alfinity, integrates innumerable assets, devices, and equipment to lead Pharma & Biotech Manufacturing to the next higher plane. Device manufacturers can leverage Alfinity’s strong digitization capabilities like Preventive & Predictive maintenance, Help-desk, ML, and Advanced Analytics for FDA compliance for seamless integration and efficient functionality of the high-end equipment.

446.52 %

Billion USD of value projection by 2028

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Increases efficient tracking of the medicine

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Growth in annual CAGR


Preventative Maintenance

Alfinity can analyze streaming data to assess conditions, recognize warning signs, and service equipment before failures prevent costly equipment downtime. In addition, strategically scheduling preventative maintenance for when equipment is not in use further reduces downtime.

Predictive Maintenance

Alfinity offers AI-based Predictive Maintenance as a powerful tool for manufacturers to minimize downtime and maximize production. With various IoT devices, on a broader range of machines, and AI analytics, businesses will be able to identify anomalies, observe patterns earlier on, and make the proper intervention to achieve targeted outcomes.

Advanced Machine Learning

Alfinity incorporates advanced AI and ML in Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Processes leading to improved process oversight, quality, streamlined scheduling, increased production efficiency, and capacity. In addition, Alfinity turns digital twin-based ML models into deep process knowledge resulting in improved productivity of upstream and downstream processes.

Maintaining operation and storage conditions

Alfinity is integrated with a strong governance layer, which can remotely measure, maintain and manage the conditions such as temperature, humidity, light, etc., also providing end-users and administrators with remote monitoring and management capabilities.

Flexible usage of devices

As the process requirements change, there will be no equipment limitations with Alfinity’s high-end integration capabilities. This adaptability leads to continuous process enhancement with the robust support of process sensors, data management & data analytics.

Advanced analytics for FDA compliance

The FDA has launched the Emerging Technology Team (ETT) to encourage the adoption of new manufacturing methods, particularly continuous manufacturing. In addition, the Alfinity platform offers a complete advanced compliance monitoring system that sends near real-time alerts if there are violations using advanced data analytics.


Notifies if there is a discrepancy in moisture content
Tracking the time and date the medicine is manufactured and updating the report on expiries
Tracking the time and date the medicine is manufactured and updating the report on expiries