Connecting the logistics industry with IoT

IoT in Utility Sector

Improving Logistics Process with Alfinity

Monitoring in real-time, tracking in the past, comprehensive reports, alerts, and notifications are all essential components of a scalable IoT system. We monitor all of these parameters through our IoT platform to optimize logistics management for our customers and increase efficiency while reducing costs. Additionally, Alfinity's blockchain-enabled supply chain monitoring boosts transparency.

88 %

Logistic activities
that can be managed

13.27 %

Growth of CAGR
from 2020 to 2030

14 .76 %

Billion USD market
projection by 2021


Inventory tracking and analytics

Alfinity enables transparent inventory tracking through intelligent labels and RFID tags to provide much broader capabilities for automation and analytics. IoT-powered microchips that carry all the information about the product can be updated in real-time for complete visibility into inventory movements.

Optimized warehousing

Alfininty's IoT-powered sensors can be easily configured to maintain a stable temperature and humidity levels within a facility, ensure perimeter security, detect fire, etc. In addition, Alfinity combines IoT-Powered warehousing with inventory tracking to coordinate down to the level of individual physical assets and stored items.

Monitoring cargo integrity

Intelligent labels with IoT functionality are used to monitor the conditions of single items or containers, which is especially beneficial for perishables. They can also be used to track theft or mishandling. Tags and applications for cargo monitoring are used in end-to-end delivery tracking solutions.

Supply Chain Management

IoT-enabled systems are integrated into the supply chain to ensure the location of goods at all times while tracking their speed of movement and their estimated arrival times, Facilitating the Problematic Movement of Goods.

Blockchain integration

Alfinity incorporates blockchain technology in the supply chain to record price, date, location, quality, certification, and other relevant information to more effectively manage the supply chain to drive maximum transparency and integrate robust authentication of the product.

Enhanced data display

Alfinity's user-friendly web dashboards display the optimized data to integrate separate stages of supply chain management into a single application incorporating a lot of functionality for flexible, configurable data dashboards.


Notifies when there is any discrepancy in the warehouse conditions
Tracking of the packages irrespective of any parameters
Early Identification of issues with goods getting lost or delayed.

Tackling food challenges through the Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT in Utility Sector

Packing intelligence through advanced IoT

IoT-enabled Smart packaging system enables various industries to optimize and accelerate product delivery management fully. An intelligent packaging system can automate your assembly line and give you insights to optimize your packaging process, among many other benefits.


Increase in efficiency across the supply chain

98.5 %

Increase in reusable packaging

18.9 %

Growth in annual CAGR


Predictive Maintenance

Alfinity enables Packaging systems to identify and prevent failures before they occur by real-time monitoring of critical equipment parts and detecting deviations in machine function that could result in performance issues or machine breakdowns.

Device and asset management

Alfinity platform analyzes all the sensors and instruments parameters that are critical in increasing the machine's life.

Monitors electricity usage

The Idling situation of the packaging machine can be reduced by regulating the speed and consuming less electricity.


Notifies when there is any discrepancy or sudden breakdowns
Customizable machine platforms and applications
Active equipment monitoring and maintenance