New Dimension of

Agriculture through smart IoT

IoT pharma industry

IoT technology

Automated Agriculture and Irrigation to drive the highest efficiency

Alfinity delivers IoT-enabled Farming & Agriculture through robots, drones, sensors, and computer imaging integrated with analytical tools for getting insights and monitoring the farms. The placement of physical equipment on the farms monitors their product and conditions in real-time.

59 %

Increase in overall production

70 %

More food by 2050

60 .2 %

Growth in annual CAGR


Dairy Farming

Management of cattle for increased productivity

Accurate heat detection
Accurate rumination and eating time data
Individual cow health alerts
Group digestion alerts
24/7 wireless detection and management
Integration with doctors for immediate attention

Optimizing Milk collection center for better quality

Remote reporting of the quantity of milk for each center with historic analysis
Possible improvement in manual dispatch process – creating RFID/QR Code tag-based dispatch

Remote monitoring of Bulk Milk Cooler

Working condition of Bulk Milk Cooler installed in villages
Temperature monitoring for quality control
Quality control monitoring

Digitization of payments to farmer

Online payment to the farmers depends on the quality and quantity of the milk supplied at BMC

Remote monitoring of multiple plants

Remote monitoring and reporting of critical plant parameters like
Monitoring Temperature inside the silo
Any packaging faults – cracks/leakage, etc at the production line
Barcode scanners and licensing information storage for each batch
Monitoring & Reporting Cleanroom parameters, humidity, pressure


Precision Fishing

The IoT devices and artificial intelligence that Alfinity offers to fisheries work together to provide insights into where and when to fish, along with sensors that detect fish and catch size, as well as onboard cameras that assist with sorting the catch
The Alfinity platform enables the wild fishing industry to reduce its operational costs as well as optimize fleet maintenance by reducing fuel consumption

Monitoring Farm Health

Alfinity detects the disease outbreaks or drops in water quality before they become catastrophic, ensuring fish farm health and well-being
IoT-enabled sensors can provide data on fish behavior, water conditions, and physiology to smart fish farms, which can then develop AI models for detecting less-than-optimal conditions early on

Feeding Optimization

Smart fish farms are enabled with IoT feeders that rely on vibration and acoustic signals, which helps with more accurate feeding.

Efficient Harvest Monitoring

Data analytics are used to model the maturation, reproduction, and growth of a species combined with real-time data to optimize rearing and find optimum harvesting time
Complex models can be developed to plan to harvest based on fish size, predicted mortality, and the current market price resulting in the highest returns

Hydroponic Farming

Maximizing the yield

Collaborate with the farmers and provide them with soil quality details like Nitrogen content, water, and humidity in the weather
Balance the nutrient used up by other crops by analyzing the soil and providing reports to the farmer

Indoor Climate Control

Autonomously regulates your indoor farming environment, including temperature and humidity, to create and manage the optimal growing conditions for your plants

Irrigation Management

The Alfinity platform manages consumption by eliminating unnecessary watering, thereby reducing the cost of water. Prevent over-or under-watering to increase crop yield and quality
Automate greenhouse irrigation to prevent over-or under-watering of plants, reduce wasted water consumption, and minimize the need for human labor
Mixing essential nutrients with water and optimally delivering the nutrients through drip irrigation

Crop Health Management

Receive real-time alerts to infestations, disease, or changes in critical environmental conditions to reduce crop loss and decrease response time through advanced analytics


Real-time alerts are sent in case of any changes in critical environmental conditions
Sensor-enabled collars or tags to track and monitor the health and location of livestock
Cloud-based data solutions to enable location-independent tracking